What are ionic bonds?

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May 4, 2018

The complete transfer of electrons(valence) is called as ionic bond.
Here is the brief description:-


When opposite charged ions interact with each other they transfer their own valence electron completely to the opposite charged particle thus developing a electrostatic attraction between the two ions.This type of chemical bonding is called as Ionic Bonds.

This process makes one atom electropositive in nature( loss of electron called as CATION) and the other atom being electronegative in nature(gain of electron called as ANION).

One example can be:-

Na and F atom undergo ionic bonding where,
Na donates its 1 valence electron to Fluorine thus becoming CATION whereas sue to the gain in the electron Fluorine becomes ANION.

Some of the properties of the ionic bonds are:-
=>They have a very high rate of boiling and melting point.
=>They have a strong force of attraction between them.