What are some examples of when a mixture can always be a solution?

1 Answer
Jun 28, 2017

All homogeneous mixtures


"All solutions are mixtures, but not all mixtures are solutions."

A mixture is a solution only when it is homogeneous; i.e. the components are dispersed evenly throughout.

Some examples of solutions are

  • dissolved #"NaCl"# in water

  • sea water (various dissolved ions)

  • bright blue #"CuCl"_2# solution (dissolved #"Cu"^(2+)# and #"Cl"^-# ions)

  • vinegar (contains acetic acid, #"CH"_3"COOH"#)

  • hydrochloric acid (concentrated #"H"^+# and #"Cl"^-# ions)

  • coffee (dissolved sugar molecules)

  • regular tap and bottled water! (there are, albeit in small quantities, some dissolved ions in tap water and bottled water (check the information label); this allows for the water to conduct a slight current, which is why you were probably told not to bring electrical devices in the bathtub!)