What are some health hazards of pollution and waste accumulation?

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May 29, 2017


Pollution causes cancer, sickness, and affects well-being


Some metals are unneeded. When they enter into human body, they accumulate and cause some health problems.

Similar to metals, synthetic organic chemicals bioaccumulate in human body. DDT, DDE, dieldrin, etc. are some chemicals that bioconcentrate in fish. If water or sediment is contaminated, bioconcentration occurs. When humans consume such contaminated fish (or other creatures), contaminants enter into human body causing poison accumulation.

You can also inhale some contaminants via respiration. These contaminants enter into your body and cause some health problems.

Lead poisoning can cause aggressive, hostile, and destructive behavioural disorders. Learning disability, seiruzes, and permanent brain damage, even death can be caused by lead intake to human body.

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