What are some of the interests that dominate education policy?

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Feb 6, 2018


Social, Intellectual and Economic


One interest of educational policy is to promote desired attitudes towards society. One of the goals of education is to socialize students. Dare preventing drug use, anti bullying campaigns , AIDS education, Drivers Ed, are examples of the implementation of social goals.

Another interest is economic. The emphasis on math, english and computer skills are examples of the interest in economics. Education is suppose to deliver students who are ready and able to enter the work force. Auto mechanics, Shop, and Home economics were classes that targeted employment skills.

Another is interest is intellectual. At one time the teaching of Latin was justified as an intellectual exercise that increased students ability to think. Experimental and inductive science classes were designed to help students analyze and evaluate information. Sadly today most educational goals are focused on teaching students what to think rather than how to think.

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