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What are some of the laws preventing pollution in the Philippines?

1 Answer
Feb 21, 2017


“Prevention” depends on enforcement. Laws exist as listed here, but many are not actively enforced.


Several Key ones are here:
P.D. 331- laws requiring all public forests be developed on a sustained yield basis.
P.D. 330 & P.D. 953 – laws penalizing illegal cutting of trees.
P.D. 389 (P.D. 705) – The Forestry Reform Code.
P.D. 704 – preservation of optimum productivity of fishery resources.
P.D. 953 & 1153 – laws on tree planting.
P.D. 984 – Pollution Control Law.
P.D. 1015 – commercial fishing distance ban.
P.D. 1058 – penalties for illegal fishing.
P.D. 1067 – Water Code of the Philippines.
P.D. 1151/1152 – Philippine Environmental Policy.
P.D. 1219 – providing for the protection of coral ecosystems.
P.D. 1586 – framework of the environmental impact assessment.