What are some of the similarities between the human body and the universe?

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Mar 25, 2016


The human body contains elements present in the universe and the human brain apparently mirrors the universe.


All the elements present in the human body are present in the universe. The universe began with the lightest element, hydrogen.
The lighter stars manufactured the lighter elements during their life-cycle and subsequent demise as novae, while the massive stars accounted for the heavier elements, which they spewed into the interstellar medium during the mighty explosion known as supernova.

It is from the interstellar medium that the solar system during its formation picked up material that eventually led to the evolution of life on earth and human beings.

Curiously, the human body contains about 70% water, while the universe contains about 70% hydrogen...hydrogen being a component of water.

The human body originates and develops from a single cell just as the universe originated and expanded from a singularity.

It seems that the structures of the human brain and the universe are quite similar.


The universe may be growing in the same way as the human brain. Electrical impulses in the brain resemble electromagnetic energy in the universe.

The neurons present in the human brain are equivalent to the number of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. The neurons are always in motion as is everything in the universe.

Resemblances have been found between the cell nucleus and a black hole. It is claimed that both living cells and black holes emit electromagnetic radiation, among other similarities.

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