What are some positives and negatives about the Nature Conservancy?

1 Answer
Jun 14, 2018

Nature conservation helps to preserve preexisting life but isn't perfect in execution


The pros of nature conservation are that you allow animals and plants and biodiversity to thrive. All life up till now has been possible because of the interactions between millions of species and their impact on each other and the environment. Conservation helps to ensure we not only save species from destruction. but help preserve the environment we ourselves live in.

The cons are that we have limited resources. Also it can be hard to choose where to focus our efforts. We may spend a lot of time and money to save otters or whales, but neglect rodents or certain bacteria that are helpful to processes and cycles around us. Conservation also includes making parts of natural habitat unusable to businesses and individuals. Preservation requires cooperation and inconvenience on all our parts with no exact guarantee it will work. It takes money and more importantly time.

TL:DR: It's worth doing, but as with everything else, it takes time and energy in making sure we do it well.