What are some real life applications of projectile motion?

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Sep 2, 2015

There are an incredible amount of applications to everyday life of all branches of physics, especially mechanics.
Here is an example of a BMX rider who wishes to clear an obstacle and land the jump. (See picture)


The problem might be for example as follows :
Given the height and inclination angle of the ramp, as well as the distance the obstacle is placed from the ramp as well as the height of the obstacle, calculate the minimum approach speed that the biker needs to achieve in order t just clear the obstacle safely.

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[Picture courtesy Trevor Ryan 2007 - BMX Freestyle expert Sheldon Burden in action at Plettenburg Bay Skate Park near Port Elizabeth, South Africa]

I can give you many more examples of applications of mechanics to everyday life. It was one of my specialities when I lectured university students previously and I drew up loads of application-type questions like this, all from my own camera and video, for them to make them enjoy and appreciate the beauty of physics when they see real-life applications. Sadly, most of them never appreciated it, neither did the department I worked for, but I'm hoping at least some people from other countries might be able to make better use of it so feel free to ask me any time it would be a pleasure to help keen, dedicated students. :)