What are the bronchi? What are bronchioles?

1 Answer
Jun 7, 2018

Those are parts of your pulmonary system.


When you breathe in air, it enters through your nostrils where it gets moistened and warmed so that it won't shock your insides. This is because the air we breathe is dry and colder than our insides.

Air passes down your pharynx, larynx and eventually trachea (windpipe). The trachea will then branch into two bronchi each leading into one lung. Trachea and bronchi have several specialized cells that clean the air during the process (ciliated epithelial cells and goblet cells).

Each bronchus will then divide into several bronchioles which are tiny tubes. There are terminal bronchioles that lead to respitarory bronchioles that will eventually lead to alveolar ducts and finally the alveoli where gas exchange takes place.