What are the causes, consequences, and solutions of soil erosion?

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Sep 11, 2017

Causes: wind, water, ice and gravity. Consequences are explained below....


Erosion occurs due to four causes: Ice (melting of ice), water (especially heavy rains and floods), wind, and gravity.

Consequences of erosion: fertile upper soil is moved to other areas. Formation of some river deltas are examples.

Organic matter is lost in host environment. Erosion causes filling of dams, reservoirs, waterways. For this reason, some navigable waters become useless. Erosion causes infertile soils that are subject to erosion. Erosion causes migration.

Vegetation is a solution. Use human made fences to stop wind erosion. Wet soil surface to minimize erosion. Trying to cover bare soil is another solution to minimize soil loss due to erosion.