What are the causes of erosion?

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Mar 15, 2016

Erosion is caused by wind, water, or gravity.


Erosion, or the degradation and transport of rock or soil, can occur from wind, water, or gravity.

Wind can transport fine particles or minerals. Water erodes and carries minerals and rocks in both freshwater and the ocean. Frozen water also moves particles. Glaciers pick up rocks and sediments as they move and transport them to somewhere else. Gravity also causes erosion, with particles and rocks succumbing and sliding down slopes or falling off other rocks or landforms due to this persistent force.

Erosion due to water:

Erosion due to gravity:

A key part of erosion is that it involves not only breakdown but also movement of rocks, soil, and minerals.

Increase human activity can also rapidly erode a surface. Although this is not typically considered a cause of erosion, or at least it is not considered a natural cause.