What are the differences and similarities of the cardiovascular system and the lymphatic system?

1 Answer
Oct 20, 2017

Both the Cardiovascular and Lymphatic systems are vascular networks carrying liquid connective tissues. The differences are discussed in the following section.


  1. Cardiovascular system is a network of blood vessels through which blood is pumped by a rhythmically beating muscular device, called heart.
  2. There is no such pumping device in lymphatic system, there are lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes.


  1. Artery divides in arterioles and form capillary network inside tissues, while the capillaries join back together as venules and later form vein. Thus circulation is possible in cardiovascular system.
  2. Lymph capillaries are closed on one side, i.e. at the point of origin but they join together to form larger lymph vessel. Thus lymph does not circulate, but only drains to reach veins .


  1. Blood helps in transportation of nutrients, hormones, etc but most importantly it transports respiratory gases: specially oxygen- with the help of hemoglobin present in RBC .
  2. RBCs are not at all present in lymph, but lots of WBCs are present: hence lymph nodes are the areas where WBCs can fight with germs. Fat absorption and transportation is done by lymphatic system .