What are the differences between aerobic respiration and photosynthesis in eukaryotic cells?

1 Answer

Aerobic respiration produces energy whereas the photosynthesis is the process for trapping energy.


                                  Aerobic respiration:

1.Aerobic respiration is the process for converting Glucose into Co2(Carbon dioxide) and H20(Water) with the help of oxygen (O2)
2.Aerobic respiration produces energy
3. It's an oxygenic process ( Requires oxygen)
4. Releases Co2 and H20 as a waste-product
5. This process occurs in Mitochondria
1. It's the process for converting Co2 and H20 into Organic molecules with the energy released from the Sun.
2.This process traps energy .
3.anoxygenic process ( do not require oxygen)
4. Releases O2 as a waste product.
5.This process occurs in chloroplast