What are the five senses? Why are they important?

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Jun 25, 2018



Sight -important as it allows us to see our surroundings in visible light, helps us to navigate, hunt, feed. Helps us to communicate also as social interactions depend a lot on expression than just what we say.

Smell -important as it allows us to pick up scents which can help us in hunting or mating. It also helps to keep us safe if we smell sulphur for example in our food as we then are deterred from eating it as it is not safe. It is also important as it effects our sense of taste.

Taste -important as it aids digestion and helps figure out whether something is good to eat or not.

Touch -important as it allows us to detect heat to protect us from getting too hot so it helps to prevent burns or our body from overheating which effects our metabolism and internal processes, detecting cold helps prevent us from freezing to death as well as keeping us at an optimal temperature to keep our biological processes going, detecting pain helps to advert us from getting hurt or wounded which can result in infection then death.

Hearing -important as it is one of the main senses we use to communicate to other humans (and some animals e.g. dogs) vocally, it helps us to tell if other humans are in trouble.

It also helps to protect us, our eyes are not entirely suited for the dark, so our ears can then double as a way of telling where things are without having to physically touch it, a snapping twig will tell us something is nearby which is heavy enough to break twig and will produce a reaction in us which is appropriate.

Certain humans may get so good at hearing, that they can read their environment almost on the level of bats (like echolocation).

Each of the senses are important, as it helps us to read the environment we live in, and keep us and our fellow humans safe. Whether that be from predators, other humans, bad food, natural hazards or gas, it helps us to communicate and learn about the place we are in.

Hope this helps!
-C. Palmer