What are the six heaviest organs in the human body?

1 Answer
Sep 10, 2016

Here's my list, starting with the heaviest organ.


1. Skin

(From dianemadfes.com)

Average weight: 4 kg to 11 kg

Function: protects all the inner body organs.

2. Intestines

(From www.healthtap.com)

Average weight: 2.0 kg

Function: digestion and absorption of food, extraction of fluids; excretion of waste.

3. Liver

(From www.huffingtonpost.com)

Average weight: 1.6 kg

Function: breaks down toxins; regulates glycogen storage

4. Brain

(From www.iran-daily.com

Average weight: 1.2 kg (females) to 1.4 kg (males)

Function: drives executive functions such as reasoning; coordinates responses to changes in environment

5. Lungs

(From www.interactive-biology.com)

Average weight: 1.1 kg to 1.3 kg

Function: inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.

6. Heart

(From www.publika.md)

Average weight: 260 g (females); 320 g (males)

Function: pumps blood and sends nutrients to every part of the body.