What are the three layers of the human eye?

1 Answer
  1. Sclera
  2. Uveal tract
  3. Retina


Human eye has three coats or layers. They are :

  1. Fibrous coat or Sclera
  2. Vascular coat or Uveal tract
  3. Nervous coat or Retina

The fibrous coat or sclera protects the intraocular structures. It is the outer coat of the eye ball.

The vascular coat or Uveal tract is the middle coat of the eye ball. It consists of three parts : Iris, Ciliary body & Choroid. Uveal tract gives nutrition to the intraocular structures.

The nervous coat or Retina is the inner coat of the eye ball. It receives stimuli in the form of light and performs visual function.

Following diagram shows different layers of the human eye :