What are three examples of respiration?

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Feb 22, 2018

Do you mean cutaneous, buccopharyngeal and pulmonary? Note: These are 3 types of respiration in frogs.


Cutaneous is respiration through the skin.

Buccopharyngeal respiration occurs through the lining of the buccal cavity. The mucous membrane of the buccal cavity is moist which dissolves oxygen and diffuses it into the blood capillaries.

Pulmonary respiration occurs in the lungs in frogs but is not really important organs because only mixed air enters into them and mainly function as hydrostatic organs. Pulmonary respiration has a maximum frequency of 20/minute, meaning 20 breaths per minute. It occurs when more energy is required. Mouth and gullet are kept closed during pulmonary respiration, unlike humans.

I'm not really completely 100% sure. I hope it proves helpful!
I got the info from http://worldofbiology.blogspot.com/2012/10/respiratory-system-of-frogs.html.