What are two ways which all life is similar?

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All life is dependent on the information found in DNA.
All life comes from life, organisms give rise to organisms of the same nature and kind.


The structure and chemical composition of DNA in all living organisms are same. The code is the same for the DNA in all living things. Consider the DNA as means of recording information or a will which is passed on to the offspring.
This recording information is somewhat similar to computer code or words or letter in a written language. The DNA code can be used to record very different types of information in different organisms much like the written word can be used to record information of different kinds in different books.

All living things come from living things. Cell theory says that all cells come from cells. Louis Pasteur proved that abiogenesis does not occur. Pasteur did experiments that showed that organisms also had offspring of the same basic kind or type. The types can change as Pasteur did to produce antibiotics by creating inactive forms of the organisms.

So all living things are based on DNA and the DNA of the organisms determine what kind of organism are born from the previous organism. (cell theory)

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