What can forces cause objects to do? What is an example?

1 Answer
Jun 7, 2018

Forces can cause objects to accelerate , decelerate , stop , start moving , change direction , change shape , or even turn .


Examples for each

1. Accelerate and Change in Direction:
Imagine kicking a ball that's coming slowly towards you. Not only will it move faster (accelerate), it might also change direction if you're passing it to someone.

2. Stop:
Imagine a goalkeeper applying a force to stop a ball flying towards him.

3. Start Moving:
Imagine first kicking a ball in a match. It was at rest, now it started moving.

4. Change in Shape:
Imagine applying loads to a spring to stretch it. Hooke's law will apply here, where extension of spring is directly proportional to the force applied to it.

5. Turning:
Imagine applying a force on a door's knob to open a door. This brings about moment (turning effect of force) which depends on the amount of force applied, the direction in which it is applied and distance from which it is applied from the pivot (point around which turning takes place. Another good example is the seesaw.