What can we do to stop global warming or repair the ozone layer?

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We stop using chemicals that damage ozone layer. It will slowly built up.


We know the reason for damage to ozone layer. We stop releasing Freon gas etc to space.

Jun 13, 2017

There are several methods to slow global warming and stop it, but the ozone layer has to repair itself, since we can do nothing to help it grow, only stop its destruction.


To slow and stop global warming, we need to use sustainable energy and farming. Using sustainable energy as an alternative to coal is not only better for the environment, but it is also easier in the long run, since its "sustainable" and all.

Some things that have been developed for sustainable energy are the uses of wind, water, and light.

Wind turbines are turned by the wind, producing energy that can be turned into electricity. The same thing works with water wheels and water. Solar panels harvest energy from the sun in the form of light, which can also be turned into electricity.

Sustainable farming helps preserve the environment and the ecosystems within it. This means the environment can help us fight off CO2, the most abundant greenhouse gas, and the main contributor to global warming.

As for the ozone layer, we did cause damage to it. However, we can only stop hurting it and allow it to repair itself. We can't do anything to add ozone, but we can stop using products that contribute to its destruction.

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Go Green.


Some simple and effective strategies to reduce global warming and prevent the depletion of the ozone layer include

  • Reduce emissions from factories and automobiles
  • Meet most of your energy requirements from renewable sources
  • Do not destroy forests
  • Use bio-degradable polymers
  • Plant more trees
  • Stop using CFC's
  • Use car pooling and public transport