What causes Anxiety disorder and OCD?

1 Answer
May 15, 2016

The causes for both are almost the same, they both have components of biological genetics and environmentally traumatic events.



It is predisposed in a people's genetic. Childhood traumas make them more likely to get it. Stress will trigger it.


Psychologically,research shows a person can develop learned negative thoughts and behaviour patterns, towards previously neutral situations which can result from their life experiences.

Environmentally,traumatic events can cause OCD among some people, it’s NOT BY AN ACTION OR INACTION OF PEOPLE, STRESS AND ILLNESS ARE JUST THE TRIGGER.

Biologically it’s the brain chemistry, serotonin, and the genetic component,research studies report that family member of a person with OCD has a greater chance of developing OCD than does someone with no family history of the disorder.

Although family members help the child avoid objects, places, or situations that trigger OCD symptoms, this will only make it worst rather than better.