What challenges do you think the colonists faced after the Treaty of Paris?

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Oct 29, 2016

The Aftermath of the French and Indian War ( the time after the Treaty of Paris) really affected the colonists.


There were many challenges that the colonists faced...

1) More taxes...
Britain had got into a lot of debt after the war--since wars are expensive-- and they came up with the great idea of heavily taxing the colonies in order to make up for the money. This caused there to be a lot of economic difficulties, which led there to be a lot of tension between Britain and her colonies.

2) More regulations..
More regulations, which meant no more salutary neglect. The British soldiers were everywhere, and England even eventually set up the Quartering Acts, which said that colonists had to house British soldiers. They also set up more regulations for trade.

3)More restrictions
The British at the time didn't just place more taxes and regulations, but they also set up more restrictions. The Proclamation of 1763 said that the colonists could not go west of the Appalachian mountains. As population increased in the colonies, parents were not able to provide ample land for each child, which led to less freehold estate.

These are some of the challenges the colonists faced after the Treaty of Paris was signed.

Hope this helps!