What is puberty and what changes occur during puberty?

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Nov 20, 2017


Puberty is the process of physical changes through which a child's body matures into an adult body capable of sexual reproduction.


Please note, this is male puberty. Female puberty is different.


What happens to you in puberty?

  1. You grow taller, and you may become more muscular.

  2. Your Adam’s apple (larynx) gets bigger and your voice deepens or begins to ‘break’.

  3. Your testicles begin to produce sperm.

  4. Your body produces more hormones, so you might get erections when you least expect them.

  5. Ejaculations can happen while you are asleep. These are called nocturnal emissions, or wet dreams. Wet dreams are totally normal.

  6. You may get oily skin and hair, and spots (acne) may develop on your face and body.

  7. You may find you sweat more.

  8. Hair will start to grow under your arms and around your penis and testicles. You may also find more hair growing on your legs and arms. Hair will also appear on your chin and upper lip.

  9. You may have mood swings and feel emotional, but your feelings will settle down in time.

  10. You may notice a swelling or lump under your nipples. This is normal and it will go away after a few months.

Is this all normal?

Yup! Every human goes through puberty to get ready for adulthood.

I'm scared, who can I talk to?

If you have any questions, or have any concerns about this stage of life, please contact your local doctor. Doctors have experience about this and can help you out. Also, talk to your parents. They have gone through this

Please note, anything listed here should not be your only source. Please consult your local doctor for more information regarding this

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