What contributions did Confucius make to the cultural development of China?

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Confucius established the major belief system of China (Confucianism).


For thousands of years, Confucianism remained the official philosophy of the Chinese empire. Its emphasis on traditional values such as obedience and order helped preserve Chinese civilization.

Furthermore, government officials had to pass a demanding test based on the writings of Confucius in order to be appointed to the emperor's service. Confucianism also strengthened the importance of the family in Chinese life. Thus, the family served as a model for society, emphasizing duties, good deeds, and a civilized way of life.

Confucianism is named for its founder, Kung Fu Zi, also known as Confucius (551-479 B.C). In addition, he lived during a time of turmoil and war in China.

Moreover, Confucius established a philosophy based on his belief in the basic order of the universe. He urged people to follow traditional ways that worked well in the past to achieve social peace and harmony.


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