What defense mechanisms do prey animals have?

1 Answer
Oct 20, 2016

prey animals use camouflage, speed, groups, horns and other physical deterrents , as well as chemical poisons and odors.


prey animals have adapted multiple means of surviving. The poison tree frog advertisaes its poison nature with bright colors so not to be eaten. Some butterflies are also noxious and use bright colors to not be eaten, while other butterflies without the poisons imitate the butterflies that do by using similar colors.

Deer and other animals use speed to escape capture. Horses use both speed and their hooves to defend themselves. Giraffe also use their hooves to defend themselves.

The Musk Oxen use their horns to ward off attacks by wolves and other predators. The Musk Oxen also use the herd to protect themselves. The large males form a circle protecting the young and weaker inside. Fish also use groups to confuse predators. By moving in a school the predators have trouble focusing on any single fish.

Finally many animals avoid being eaten by avoiding being seen.