What do clotting proteins include?

1 Answer

There are thirteen clotting factors.


The factors are in order:

I. Fibrinogen

II. Prothrombin

III. Tissue thromboplastin

IV. Calcium ions (#"Ca"^(2+)#)

V. Proaccelerin (labile factor)

VI. Not known

VII. Proconvertin (stable factor)

VIII. Antihaemophilic factor A

IX. Antihaemophilic factor B (Christmas factor)

X. Stuart-Prower factor

XI. Plasma thromboplastin antecedent

XII. Hageman factor

XIII. Fibrin stabilizing factor

All these factors work as a system to cause clotting of blood.

Clotting is essentially a cascade of enzymes which we describe as clotting factors. Deficiency of any one of these causes blood clotting not to occur.

Very common examples are hemophilia A and hemophilia B which are caused because of the impairment of clotting factors VIII and IX, respectively.