What does earth consist of?

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Oct 17, 2016

The earth has four main layers.


The Earth is made up of four different layer, with more sections coming out of each of these different layers.

The first main layer is the Core. It is made up of Iron and Nickel in a solid state. It as also about 1287.48 km thick.


The second layer is the Outer Core and is made up of Iron and Nickel in a liquid state and is about 2253 km thick.

The third layer in the Mantle. The Mantle is made up of liquid rock called magma or lava. The lava flows like asphalt and is about 2896 km thick.

The last layer of earth is the Crust. The Crust is what we live on and is made up of seven major pieces of large land called the tectonic plates. These plates move around and cause earthquakes. The Crust is made up of lots of different kinds of rocks and is from 4 to 8 km thick at sea level and between 8 to 40 km higher up.

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