What does it mean to say that a radio station has a frequency of 102 megahertz?

1 Answer
May 23, 2017

102 MHz means that the wave completes a cycle 102 million times per second


Radio stations transmit data through radio waves. A radio wave is the longest type of wavelength on the electromagnetic spectrum.

One type of way to measure a wave is by determining ts frequency, which is how many times the wave goes up and down in a certain amount of time. A common unit of measurement is the hertz , which is measures the number of times a wave cycles, or goes up and down, in one second.

The prefix Mega- simply means #10^6#, or one million. So a Megahertz (abbreviated MHz), is equal to one million hertz. Therefore a radio station with a frequency of 102 MHz has a wave which goes up and down 102,000,000 times per second.