What good things would Ivan the Great say about Ivan the Terrible? What good things would Ivan the Great say about Ivan the Terrible?

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Apr 5, 2016

Not alot of good things to say about Ivan the Terrible, but that conversation would go something like this...


Ivan the Terrible to Ivan the Great :

Hey, thanks for kicking out the Mongols from Russia. I must say, you had a nice campaign to kick them out ; you used Russian nationalism and the Orthodox Church ...that's kind of neat. Oh yeah, congrats on all that land you got for our empire...you tripled the size of our empire ! About all those foundations you laid out for Russian culture? I found them pretty useful when I was the tsar, thank you very much.

Oh yeah, while you created a centralized autocratic rule , thanks for coining the word 'tsar'...I thought your use of the word 'tsar' to describe 'Caesar' was cool! Nice going!

Ivan the Great to Ivan the Terrible :

Well, I have to admit, you were a very powerful leader! Very admirable use of force ...way to tell your constituents who's boss! Yeah, those boyars [nobles] are a pesky group, but you managed them by murdering them...how clever. I like how you consolidated more power to the tsars, good job!

Did I ever mention your amazing conquests ...I can imagine the looks on our neighbors' faces when you send your army to conquest them! Ha, good going family member of mine!

I hope I got the crux of your question right. I felt good today...so I thought I could add some "humor" into this answer. :)