What happened after British soldiers killed five colonists in the Boston Massacre?

The townspeople started throwing things at them.
The soldiers were tried and punished severely.
The soldiers were tried, and all but two were freed.
The townspeople decided not to punish the soldiers.

3 Answers
Jul 18, 2018

I believe the answer is A. and C.


First, the townspeople started throwing things at them, because they feared for their lives, and they wanted revenge. Then, the soldiers were definitely tried.

Aug 1, 2018

And the lawyer who represented the British soldiers was...


...John Adams!

Aug 4, 2018



the soldiers were tried John Adams defended the soldiers and the officer in charge. Adams was able to obtain innocent rulings for the officer and most of the soldiers. C is correct
the throwing of rocks and snow balls triggers the shooting.
This happened before not after. A is in correct.
The soldiers were tired but not punished severely see C B is wrong
The townspeople wanted the soldiers punished. The soldiers were put on trial but John Adams was able to ably defend them.
D is wrong.
the trial help John Adams become president establishing his reputation for honesty .