What happens if your adrenal glands shut down?

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Adrenal Glands are endocrine glands secreting hormones of effect on brain and are situated on each kidneys.


Adrenal glands secret hormones that govern our heart rate,breathing capacity and well functioning of brain and governing the total action and activities of the body that are governed by brain.

When shut down by a surgical process or by disease affect, the heart will not function normally with irregularly, there may be breathlessness complains, person may get a shock may collapse and his pupils dilate and may not react to light.

Also if by medications this hormone is taken must be done so by a strict physician's supervision or guidance as that if over taken or for prolong use may permanently damage normal functioning or production of the hormone.

Psychologically, it may affect normal behavioural pattern of a human to normal surroundings and activities/actions.

Thrills and excitements of a person may be found missing at stimuli which should normally be so.

One can be least interested in mutual or interactions like activities, appear lifeless and will feel better left out alone and more like a stone just living for the sake of living!

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