What happens when the speed of rotation of the earth slows down?

1 Answer
Mar 18, 2016

At the current spin-rate, day is 86400 seconds. Slower rate will increase duration of the day above this level and, correspondingly, the days in a year of revolution about the Sun will decrease. , .


I understand the speed of rotation as the speed of rotation about the Earth's day-night spin axis.

Keeping the duration of second the same, the changes will be as stated in the answer.

If it is slower orbital speed, the parameter a = semi-major axis of the elliptic orbit will increase..1 AU will be longer for the current eccentricity.

All characteristics of the orbit are interrelated through the two parameters 'a and e' ( or 'b and e'or 'average speed and e', or perihelion and aphelion' or 'orbital period and another')...