What Inspired Americans to have a bi-carmel (two house) legislative branch?

1 Answer
Dec 14, 2017

Equal Representation.


The New Jersey Plan was a plan in which devised 2 houses of congress. One will be divided up based on a states population, and the other will have the same amount of delegates for each state no matter the population. The plan was introduced because smaller states like New Jersey didn't want big states like Virginia (Virginia was big at this time era) to control and pass laws that would ultimately favor them.

Today, Congress is still based off of the New Jersey Plan. The House of Representatives is based off of a states population. Bigger states like California have 53 current congressmen/women. Smaller states like Wyoming have only 1 representatives (who are called at-large representatives).

The Senate is the other chamber in which there are only 2 Senators per state. The Senate was made so that smaller states had the same legislative power as bigger states. California has the same representation in the Senate as does Wyoming. This was to create a balance so bigger states wouldn't pass laws that favor them and themselves only.