What is 1.321 meters in feet?

1 Answer
Dec 6, 2016



Depending on whether you have a conversion factor sheet or not, you will have to do a conversion from meters to feet. This is simple.

Consider the steps I will provide you with:

enter image source here

Since I did this on my computer I will walk you through the steps I did to get my answer.

  • I simply put 1.321m (the given) and looked at my conversion papers to see what one meter was equal to in feet.

  • Important note: 3.28084ft. is the same as 1 meter.

  • I then simply put it over 1 so I could cancel out meters and get feet.

  • Final step will be to multiply across and round the final answer (I didn't but I'm sure you will understand that.

Answer - 4.33398964ft.
Rounded Answer - 4.334ft. (significant figures).