What is 2 substances put together but do not chemically combined?

2 Answers
May 17, 2018



Heterogeneous solution - For example - Water and Octane

  • Water cannot overcome the strong dispersion forces between octane molecule and also because non-polar and polar compounds dont mix, hence stops the formation of homogeneous solution.

However, an emulsifier can be used, for mixing water and oil together!!

May 17, 2018


Mixtures and solutions are examples of combinations of substances that are not joined together chemically. Chemical bonds are required for substances to be combined chemically.

Solutions are combination of substances that are joined together by intermolecular or ionic forces. A solution can be separated by a physical change, such as boiling away the solvent. Substances that are combined chemically can only be separated by a chemical change. Solutions then are combinations of substances that are not chemically combined.

Mixtures are combinations of substances that are not really joined together. A suspension like milk is held together by purely physical forces of Brownian motion. Churning milk will overcome the physical forces and separate the parts of the suspension. As there are no chemical bonds in a mixture of suspension these are chemically joined.

Mixtures ( like suspensions) and solutions ( like koolaid ) are not combinations of substances that are combined chemically.