What is a benzene ring?

1 Answer
May 31, 2014

Benzene is an aromatic , ringed hydrocarbon (since it contains only C & H )
Molecular Formula - C6H6 ( 6 C's arranged in ring with one H each )
Benzene acts as highly reacting & attracting species for electrophiles ( electron - loving species ) due to delocalization of pie electrons . This phenomenon is termed as Resonance ! Benzene is so famous due to resonance acting in it .
As per structure :
The C–C bond lengths are greater than a double bond, (135 pm), but shorter than a single bond, (147 pm).
This intermediate distance is consistent with electron delocalization: (the electrons for C–C bonding are distributed equally between each of the six carbon atoms.)

The molecule is planar. Each carbon is sp2 hybridised !