What is a compound predicate nominative?

1 Answer

A predicate nominative is a noun or a pronoun in a sentence that renames the subject following a linking verb.
A compound predicate nominative is when two or more nouns or pronouns follow a linking verb.


A linking verb acts as an equal sign, the subject is or becomes the object. Examples:

The trip will be a risk and a big expense .

  • trip = risk and expense

The specialties on the menu today are chocolate fondue and crêpes suzette."

  • specialties = chocolate fondue and crêpes suzette

The winner can be either you or I.

  • winner = you or I (note that the subjective form of the pronoun is used when functioning as a predicate nominative.

A predicate nominative is a form of subject complement. The other type of subject complement is a predicate adjective, an adjective that follows a linking verb and renames the subject.
Example: The trip will be risky and expensive.