What is a predicate nominative when you are talking about gerunds?

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Pluma Share
Apr 8, 2016


see below


A gerund is a verb form (ing-form) that acts as a noun.
It functions the same way as ordinary nouns do:

  • as subject
  • as direct object
  • as indirect object
  • predicate nominative

Below are examples of sentences using gerund as predicate nominative:

  1. Michael's favorite sport is kayaking .
    "Kayaking" renames the sport.
  2. Her hobby is collecting stamps .
    "Collecting stamps" is a gerund phrase that renames hobby.
  3. Marie's priority is taking care of her family .
    "Taking care of her family" is a gerund phrase that renames priority.
  4. His favorite past time is strolling .
    "Strolling" is a gerund that renames past time.
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