What is a prefix used in naming binary molecular compounds with its corresponding number?

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Thanks for your question about naming molecular compounds.

mono- = 1
di- = 2
tri- = 3
tetra- = 4
penta- = 5
hexa- = 6
hepta- = 7
octa- = 8
nona- = 9
deca- = 10

When you have only one atom of an element in a molecular compound, you do NOT use a prefix.

Examples using the prefixes:
#CO_2# is named carbon dioxide

#CH_4# is named carbon tetrahydride (common name is methane)

#C_4H_10# is tetracarbon decahydride (common name is butane)

"Here is a video which talks about how to determine names or formulas for binary molecular compounds.

Video from: Noel Pauller

I do hope this helps.