What is/are the object(s) of the following sentence?: The supermarket was running low on apples, but had plenty of pears.

1 Answer
May 11, 2018



This sentence seems only one object that is plenty.

We must understand about tr/intransetive verb in English that is very much important when we write as it is most visible than speaking.
In speaking moment, if we speak fluently then it is somewhere impossible to rapidly detect whether our speaking is going to go for having grammatical correct versions reasoning of little time.

Sorry, in writing, we have no such opportunities to hide the grammatical distortions even stylistic issues too.
So, we have to know or practice which verbs are transetive verbs I mean we need an object.

Which are intransitive verbs I mean we don't need any object. Sorry, here, no short cut a way,you have to practice them
Run is a common intransitive verb, like Cry.
Discuss, request, imply etc are common transitive verbs that need an object.