What is bioaccumulation?

2 Answers
Apr 15, 2018

The gathering together of chemicals(mostly harmful) in an organism is called as bio accumulation.


It is the procedure by which the poisonous and toxic substances tend to gather around inside the living organisms which cause various types of disease and illness.

It is a loss to life, and the environment i.e. the surrounding around us.

It is also called as biological concentration.

It is the buildup of toxic chemicals in an organism in an ecosystem.


Bioaccumulation refers to the rise or buildup of a toxic chemical in an organism in an ecosystem. For example, if more animals start to eat plants that have that toxic substance, they are going to get it to, and then spread it out to secondary and tertiary consumers.

Usually, those toxic chemicals are a result of human activity, such as littering. Bioaccumulation can cause major environmental damage, such as the widespread usage of #"DDT"# as a pesticide in the late 1950s, which quickly found its way through all trophic levels.

Many of these toxins persist long enough to accumulate due to them being stored in the fats and tissues of an animal, and are therefore are not "removed" as easily due to lipids being a storage molecule.