What is Freud's catharsis theory?

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Apr 20, 2016


The emotional satisfaction due to ab-reaction.


Freud would use hypnosis on his patients as a treatment for neurosis or other personality problems. He observed, while under hypnosis, the patients would release their repressed(hidden in unconscious part of brain) emotions. This release was called an ab-reaction while the emotional satisfaction associated with the reaction was called catharsis.

It is also important to note that most main-stream academics in psychology departments today no longer feel that Freudian theory, in general, has much validity - outside of its historical influence in shaping modern psychology. A quote from a recent article sums it up....

The primary trouble with Freud is that, while his ideas appear intriguing and even common sensical, there’s very little empirical evidence to back them up. Modern psychology has produced very little to substantiate many of his claims.
From: http://io9.gizmodo.com/why-freud-still-matters-when-he-was-wrong-about-almost-1055800815

Another website from an academic institution that published this preface to their textbook on psychology (see website for entire quote):

While Freud had an enormous impact on 20th century culture, he has been a dead weight on 20th century psychology. The broad themes that Westen writes about were present in psychology before Freud, or arose in more recently independent of his influence. At best, Freud is a figure of only historical interest for psychologists. He is better studied as a writer, in departments of language and literature, than as a scientist, in departments of psychology. Psychologists can get along without him.


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