What is is the pH of salt?

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Jun 6, 2017

It Depends.


Salts are the products of any neutralization reaction.

It happens basically three types like

1.Reaction between Strong acid and Strong Base.
2.Reaction between Strong base and Weak acid.
3.reaction between Strong acid and weak base.

On the basis the these reactions salts are of three types.

1.Neutral salts: These are the salts whose PH is exactly equal to 7.

for ex

#NaOH +HCl rarr NaCl +H_2 O#

Here NaCl is a Neutral base,and hence the PH is equal to 7.

2.Acidic salts#rarr#These salts have PH less than 7.

3.Basic salts#rarr#These salts have PH more than 7.