What is main function of active site?

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Feb 6, 2018


The main function of active site is to bind the substrate and transform it into products.


Active site is divided into two sites:

  • Binding site: This portion of active site holds proper substrate and fits it as enzyme-substrate or ES complex.
  • Catalytic site: This part of active site lowers the activation energy and transforms the substrate into products which means it is vital for catalytic activity of enzyme.

Active site constitutes the portion of enzyme where the substrate binds in it 'or' in terms of lock and key model proposed by Emil Fischer we can say: Active site is the key hole of the lock(enzyme) in which the key(substrate) has to be inserted. And active site is considered rigid in this case.

But according to the Induced fit model of Koshland active site is a flexible structure. It undergo a bit change in its shape to allow substrate to fit in enzyme. After transforming substrate into products, its shape is restored. Further experiments showed that Koshland's model was more acceptable.
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