What is mu in physics?

2 Answers
Mar 9, 2018

#\mu# can describe a lot of quantities. Sometimes it's used in kinematics for coefficients of friction, or even in particle physics for the reduced mass of a particle.

Mar 9, 2018

#Mu# has quite a few uses, it is used:

  • As a prefix for measurements to represent (#1*10^-6#)
  • Represent the coefficient of friction
  • To represent reduced mass in a two-body problem
  • To represent mass per unit length in strings and other objects that appear one-dimensional
  • To represent permeability of a material, how well it can support the formation of a magnetic field within itself.
  • To represent the magnetic moment.
  • To represent dynamic viscosity
  • To represent electrical mobility of a charged particle
  • To represent the muon (#mu#) and antimuon (#bar(mu)#)
  • In thermodynamics to represent the chemical potential of a system or component of a system.