What is nucleosynthesis? How does it provide evidence to support the Big Bang Theory?

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May 2, 2018

Nucleo synthesis and the evidence for the originating of big bang are absolutely inter related. here's how:-


Definition of Nucleo Synthesis:-

The procedure in which from old or existing atoms (mostly protons and neutrons) newer atoms are created out of them.
This is the process of Nucleo Synthesis.

In Short this was overall responsible for the formation or the starting of the Big Bang .

The nucleons that date back to the stage of the starting of the universe were made in the same procedure. This was when the Big Bang contained quark-glucon plasma which cooled the temperature below approximately 10 million degree Celsius.

The starting of the formation of the nucleons in the universe is termed as nucleo genesis.

After this method Nuclear fusion and all those stuffs occur which form other life supporting materials and other elements.