What is on the other side of a black hole? Can it take you somewhere?

2 Answers
Dec 5, 2016

No one knows.


That black holes even exist has only recently been proven. Everything we know about them come by our observations of them, of course. The closest black hole to us exists at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy but we cannot see it, too much matter between us and it.

Everything we know about black holes exists in pure theory. A black hole is an enigma because it destroys the laws of physics. That is, once you pass the event horizon, space and time become misshapen before they disappear altogether where a "singularity" exists. What happens to matter when it reaches the singularity is unknown.

Some scientists believe the "bottom" of a black hole is a doorway to another dimension, some think to another universe but of course, no one knows nor will anyone ever likely know because we simply cannot get close enough to figure these things out.

Dec 7, 2016

Entirely Theoretical Currently.


It's believed that that black hole is a massive trashcan. Most of what goes in get's destroyed. Our basic understanding and laws of physics are broken by what is black holes. There is nothing on the other side as far as we know. As said, everything is theoretical, we really have no idea what a black hole does other than it has a massive gravitational pull and is the cause of our galaxies swirl.

As for it taking you somewhere, you may be thinking of the theorized wormholes. Which are a lot different.