What is on the other side of the universe? How can there be an end to the universe?

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Jul 4, 2016

The answer is an agnostic's view, I do not know. Also, I do not agree that any scientist could give an affirmative answer. Please read my explanation.


My queries are quite many.

[1]. Can you call universe #the# universe#?

What you and I know is universe within the limits if of observations

based on analysis of data from ground and space observatories and

data from spacecrafts that have been traveling, away from us,

for several years. We call this universe "our universe".

[2]. Is our universe a

4-D space S(x, y, z, t (time))?

5-D space S(x, y, z, t, #theta#(temperature))?

Or higher dimensional?

[3]. If we include multi-universe hypothesis to override other

side-inside-outside problem ( that is unlike Mobius strip and Klein's

bottle ), again this query can be made to realize the Holistic Whole

of universe that could be called #the# universe?

? ... ? ...? ....