What is prefix and/or suffix in the word "illogical"?

2 Answers
Feb 10, 2016

The prefix is "il".


This is because the root word here is "logical".

Logical means "characterized by or capable of clear, sound reasoning."

By adding "il" in front, the meaning is changed to the exact opposite.
So, illogical means " not characterized or capable of clear, sound reasoning."

Feb 15, 2016

This word has both: a prefix "il-" and a suffix "-al"


This word is formed from a noun "logic". The suffix "-al" changes it to an adjective, the prefix "il-" is a negation, so the creation of this word can be written in 3 steps:

  1. Starting from a noun "logic" meaning "the ordered way of thinking and reasoning"
  2. Adding a suffix "-al" which changes the noun to an adjective "logic-al" meaning "in a way including logic and reasoning"
  3. Final step is adding a prefix "il-" which is a way to negate the word: "il-logic-al" means "without any logical reasoning"