What is the barbell’s mass?

Naim Suleimanoglu of Turkey has a mass of about 68.1 kg, yet he can lift nearly 3 times this mass. (This feat has earned Suleimanoglu the nickname of “Pocket Hercules.”) If the potential energy associated with a barbell lifted 1.64 m above the floor by Suleimanoglu is 3.78 X 10^3 J, what is the barbell’s mass?

1 Answer
Apr 3, 2018

235 Joules (significant figure rounding)


The energy required to move the barbell up 1.61m is the same as the amount of gravitational potential energy.
#E_L = mgh#
#3.78*10^3J = M*9.8m*s^-2*1.64m#
Solve to get 235 Joules (with significant figure rounding).
Hope my explanation helped.